Focusing on the heart

Part II:

Don’t Worry Be Happy


Fatigue can indicate heart failure

The Cayman Heart Fund played host to top experts in their field both locally and from overseas, all taking part in three days worth of events geared towards bringing greater understanding to the Cayman public and medical profession about a wide range of issues related to the heart. The Journal reports.
A Cardiac Symposium held at St. Matthews University School of Medicine kicked off the heart health proceedings, the third annual event of its kind geared specifically to medical practitioners in Cayman.
The symposium brought Dr. Alvin Pettle from The Ruth Wellness Center together with Dr. Marcus John from Baptist Health South Florida along with Dr. Charles Angell from Johns Medical Institutions. Pettle gave a presentation on women, hormones and heart disease, St. John gave an update on atherosclerosis and novel screening techniques for coronary artery disease, while Angell spoke about heart failure with preserved ejection fraction.
Dr. Sook Yin, medical director with Cayman Heart Fund, gives her thoughts to the relevance of this symposium to Cayman’s medical fraternity: “Continuing medical education is essential to keep the medical practitioners informed on all the latest breakthroughs in medicine. The Cayman Heart Fund is proud to partner with St Matthews University and the Cayman Islands Medical and Dental Society to bring together a group of international speakers who were able to educate our local practitioners on all the updates on cardio vascular disease.”
Yin says they had a record breaking attendance of over 300 people.

Luncheon featuring women’s health
A brand new event for the Cayman Heart Fund took place at lunchtime at The Westin Casuarina featuring Pettle again, furthering his message about the importance of hormones for a woman’s health, particularly as she reaches and goes past menopause. Pettle’s message was that natural hormones that are applied as creams are good for women’s health and practitioners should not be afraid of prescribing such medication. Synthetic hormones, on the other hand, ought to be avoided as they were simply not geared up for usage by humans.
Yin adds: “It was timely that we had Pettle down in Cayman to give us this talk on women, hormones and heart disease. There has been such confusion with hormone replacement therapy and heart disease that not only were the patients confused but the doctors were just as puzzled. Many doctors stayed away from prescribing HRT as they did not want to inflict harm on their patients. As a result women who were in their menopause were left to deal with these symptoms by themselves. Pettle was able to dispel a lot of the myths surrounding the prescription of hormones and the key lies in using bio-identical hormones and not synthetic hormones.”
She says that this Red Dress Learn & Live luncheon was a way to let some of the ladies in our community hear first hand from Pettle on the beneficial effects of HRT on their hearts. The event was sold out and Yin says: This just goes to show that the ladies in Cayman are hungry for this knowledge. The Cayman Heart Fund would like to express its appreciation to the Tonge family for sponsoring the event.”

Fair for all
The following Saturday saw between 500 and 600 people attend the Cayman Heart Fund’s third Heart Health Fair, this time located at Camana Bay’s Sports and Recreation Centre, which made a splendid spacious venue to house a multitude of booths and screenings, all geared towards helping the Cayman public become more aware of their own risks to heart disease and how they can prevent it from developing.
Yin says: “We were able to screen around 200 adults and 75 children for blood glucose, cholesterol. Body Mass Index and blood pressure, which means a good many people are now more informed about their own heart health and can therefore take measures to improve their health and hopefully prevent the development of heart disease.”
Yin adds: “The Cayman Heart Fund is deeply grateful to all the physicians and other experts who took time to donate their energies to such a worthy cause.”