Poetry and art celebrate love

Alta and Gordon Solomon produced a soul searching collection of work for an exhibition at Full of Beans late last year. Here is a collection of Alta’s words and Gordon’s paintings inspired by a 2001 trip to Cuba by the then newly married pair. 

Loves Fill

Come to me my love,
And comfort me from this harsh cold world.
Cover my face with your hands so I might not see hate.
Kiss my ears so only love I might hear.
Blow softly on my neck that I may feel secure.

As though a thousand years had passed since the morning light took you away.
Blessed be the evening sun which brings you back to me.
Truly, loves chains cannot be broken,
And desires fire never quenched.

Come unto me a new my love.
And we shall have our fill of each other.
In the mid-night hour,
While cool winds carry the smell of Cuba’s passion.
And brings compassion and satisfactions embrace.

My eyes ached to capture your image.
Hands longed to taste the curves of your back.
Under sheets of white we lay, silent.
Until we are satisfied with only time itself.
Well with love.

And the glimmer of the moons lights becomes out our covering once more.
And the Father woo’s us asleep.

The “Songs of Solomon” in the Bible always make me think of the beauty and purity of love and marriage.  The covenant.  This is my song, for my Solomon.