Artists interpret the National Song with grace and beauty

A brand new art exhibition kicked off last week at The Galleries of The Ritz-Carlton entitled Beloved Isle Cayman, produced by Cayman Traditional Arts. Five artists captured Cayman’s treasured National Song on canvas, each interpreting the theme through their own unique artistic talents.
Patrick Broderick brought his love of the ocean to life with memorable photography, Dora Williams combined her now trademark love for shells and metallics in a wonderful display, while Miguel Powery produced a powerful body of work highlighting his deeply rooted Caymanian heritage. Christel Ibsen created a sensitive exhibition of her paintings depicting both children and the ocean and Mikael Seffer went to town with his incredibly beautiful resin on board and canvas pieces, filled with aquatic movement. 
Read more on each artist’s contribution in next month’s Journal.


Photo: l-r Dora Williams, Miguel Powery, Patrick Broderick, Christel Ibsen, Chris Christian from Cayman Traditional Arts and Mikael Seffer