Three new partners for Ogier

 The Journal sits down with newly promoted attorneys at Ogier at finds out that this law firm has a positive view of Cayman’s future.

Christopher Russell
Please tell us about your area of practice.

I am involved with complex and high value commercial, corporate, property, insurance and insolvency advice and litigation. This is a natural follow on from my many years of practice at the Chancery Division of the English Bar.

Please tell us about your career to date.

I joined Ogier in 2005 and prior to this I was a Barrister in England. I was a Member of and am still associated with New Square Chambers, Lincoln’s Inn, London.

What will be the focus in your new appointment?

My focus will be on the continuing rapid expansion of the Litigation Department and its work.  We have recruited four new attorneys in the Department in the last eight months, and we will recruit more, of the appropriate high quality, in the next six months.

How is the firm placed to weather current economic conditions?
I think the firm is very well placed to weather any uncertainties in current economic conditions, as it offers across the board a very high quality professional service to an established and expanding client base, both in Cayman and internationally.  The firm continues to recruit attorneys of the highest calibre in all areas of its practice.  The firm provides a very supportive and pleasant atmosphere in which to work which supports and encourages its very high level of service.

Can Cayman itself weather current economic conditions?
I think the outlook for Cayman generally, after the recent period of uncertainty, is set fair for the future, and in particular in the area of investment funds.
The appeal of the Cayman Courts as an international litigation jurisdiction is already very well established with Judges of the highest ability and repute, and will be further enhanced by the recent creation of the new Financial Services Division with its new Judges across the board.  I think the future of Cayman is now well assured.

Angus Davidson
What area do you practice and what drew you to that particular area of law?

I practice corporate law with a focus on investment funds.  I enjoy the technical aspects of corporate law and the day-to-day interaction with the people who work in the investment funds industry.

Please tell us something about your career to date.
My first position after graduating from law school was with PricewaterhouseCoopers Legal in Sydney, Australia, where I trained in their corporate law department.  After PricewaterhouseCoopers Legal, I moved to Minter Ellison where I continued to practice corporate law but with a greater focus on fundraising.  I moved to Cayman in 2005 to work with Ogier.

What will be your focus in your new role?
Over the next twelve months and beyond, I will be focusing on developing my practice further and strengthening my existing client relationships.

Do you think the firm is well equipped to weather this current economic storm? If so, why?
Ogier is well placed to continue to grow both the legal and fiduciary sides of our business.  We have a strong presence in each of the offshore jurisdictions where we practice – Jersey, Guernsey, Cayman and BVI – with offices and affiliates around the world.  All of this allows us to provide high quality, seamless service to clients irrespective of where they are located.

Likewise for Cayman as a whole?
Cayman is an innovative jurisdiction with a history of responding quickly to the needs of its clients, wherever they may be located and whatever issues may have arisen.  Provided that tradition of cooperation and innovation continues, I expect that Cayman will continue to thrive as an international financial centre.

Read Colin Mackay’s responses next month.


Colin Mackay, Christopher Russell and Angus Davidson