Porsche Panamera next level of luxury

In December, Autohaus launched the Panamera, an exciting new addition to the Porsche family of luxury vehicles.

The five-door sports sedan is a dramatic new take on the famous brand and is sure to appeal to Porsche fans looking for a new option that straddles the athleticism of the company’s beloved sports cars and the added roominess of its Cayenne SUV model.
Retailing at $125,000 the price tag is not for the faint of heart, but it’s likely few Porsche aficionados will mind.
“Germany is known for having the best engineers for pretty much everything known to man, so it’s not hard to understand that German cars have been, and probably always will be, the best engineered in the world,” says Autohaus President Christian van der Bol.
“And it’s even easier to understand why, since they are the only country in the world that have endless miles of highways without any speed limits and designed for high speed driving.”
He notes that many years ago the German Government restricted all the upper class German cars to 155 MPH to prevent the top speed wars from getting out of hand, all except Porsche.
“What Porsche have been doing for many years is very special, and that can easily be seen with the eyes,” he says.
“What is not so easy to do, is to drive all the competitors’ cars, and then drive a Porsche. Only then can you appreciate really what they are doing.”
Having only entered the market in September 2009, the luxury performance Panamera beat out 14 other models for the Auto Trophy in the luxury segment from the German car magazine Auto Zeitung, joined by the Porsche 911 Carrera as its top sports car pick.
The Panamera has garnered a number of other awards, including “Das Goldene Lenkrad” (The Golden Steering Wheel) in early November from Bild am Sonntag together with the car magazine Auto Bild and its European issues, as the “Best New Car of the Year in the Luxury Class”.
The Automobile Journalists Association of Canada picked the Panamera as the “Best New Prestige Car”, also selected by Le Guide de l’Auto as No. 1 in the “Prestige Cars” category.
Online magazine Inside Line gave the Panamera their “Most Wanted Award”, and Vehicle Dynamics International named it their “Car of the Year”, and the “Dynamicist of the Year”, and it also won the Federación Interamericana de Periodistas del Automóvil’s “Interamerican Car of the Year 2010”.
The Panamera is a phenomenal car and there really has never been anything like it before now,” says Mr. van der Bol.
“The fourth Porsche is already a huge success, and again the critics are scurrying back into their holes. I can’t wait to see what the fifth Porsche will be.”