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How does the Cayman Islands prosper in a grave new world?

Eddie Thompson,
Business owner

While we are assuring investors that they are welcome in the Cayman Islands the reality is not the case when it comes to immigration policies. As a case in point I recently lost two clients worth US$100 million worth of business because they were not treated as they should have been. It’s not rocket science; we need to ensure that immigration understands the ramifications of their decisions.

Sheena Connolly,
Real Estate broker/owner,  
Sotheby’s International Realty

We need to promote the Cayman Islands as the Monte Carlo of the Caribbean, promoting our diverse lifestyle. We don’t have enough people here because the lifestyle is largely unknown. People only think of the Cayman Islands in terms of finance; they don’t think of it as a place to have a second or third home. Only two houses sold over $2 million last year and none over $3 million. We need to market ourselves much better because those in the UK who are looking to move away from the new high tax regime are looking to the Bahamas and Barbados. We need to do a better job in promoting Cayman to the right people. We are a hidden secret.