How does the Cayman Islands prosper in a grave new world?


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Franz Manderson,
Deputy Chief Officer, Cayman
Islands Government

As my portfolio is in charge of Immigration I have to provide a premium service for our clients. The focus must be on moving the processing of work permits into an administration system as soon as possible, thereby providing certainty for employers with genuine work permit applications. In addition we need to ensure that every visitor to our islands receive a warm Caymanian welcome and moved through Immigration as quickly as possible. We need to ensure that Immigration is not an obstacle for doing business but partners with the private sector and those companies that train Caymanians have the ability to attract and retain the best employees available to them .
To achieve such efficiencies I am convinced the system we have in place is right for the job but the delay in processing work permits comes because we rely on Boards to process the lion’s share of applications. We need to quickly move towards the situation whereby Immigration staff process the majority of work permits and for this more staff is required.
We also need to support the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service because if we do not support the police everything else we do will not succeed. Everyone needs to take responsibility and support the RCIPS in their extremely vital job.
Michael Ryan,
Ritz-Carlton and
Dragon Bay Developer

A co-ordinated approach is lacking. The
promise and the reality are totally different.


Franz Manderson and Michael Ryan.