Cayman Business Outlook Comments


How does the Cayman Islands prosper in a grave new world?

John Fawkes,
St. Ignatius student

I am worried about the international pressures on Cayman’s tourism and finance industries. In particular, the finance industry because I would like to become an accountant one day.

Roy McTaggart,
Managing Partner, KPMG

A coherent and co-ordinated approach between the public and private sectors is needed to address issues we currently face. The Cayman Islands has heard lots of words in regard to what immigration is doing and now time is of the essence. We have to get things in place.
The new fee structure implemented in January is a huge disincentive to attracting business to the islands. While the private sector has accepted these fees, the widespread belief is that the fees are not sustainable for the long term and government needs to look at rolling back the fees and address the critical issue of cutting government costs and spending.


John Fawkes and Roy McTaggart,