More photography from the Shutterbugs

The Camera Store’s Shutterbugs summer camp run gave youngsters from the age of 8 to 16 years the chance to develop a keen interest as the Camera Store’s experts helped demystify the art of photography.
Each Shutterbug displayed their favourite photo on the ‘Featured Artist Wall’ at the entrance to the store which is usually reserved for local artists. Members of the public were encouraged to leave comments and praise for the aspiring, young photographers.

Featured Shutterbugs of the month:

Sarah Needham
I received a digital camera from my mum and dad for Christmas and had taken lots of pictures. As we were going on a cruise to Alaska I wanted to learn more about taking good photos and I went on the Shutterbugs course. While I was at The Camera Store I learnt that there are lots of angles to take a picture from. I also enjoyed taking lots of pictures on holiday so the course was definitely worth it.

Look out for the work of more young photographers next month.

Contact The Camera Store for further details on their next Shutterbug Camp at 949 4551 or send an email to: [email protected]

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