International Funds Conference kicks off conference season 2010

Meeting the challenge of global transparency is the mighty subject matter to be tackled at this year’s International Funds Conference which takes place on 14 January at The Ritz-Carlton. Organisers have brought together an impressive list of local and international speakers who will no doubt have the audience riveted from start to finish, thus making the conference a valuable insight for all industry practitioners. The Journal reports.

Transparency is the subject of the day and the issue will be tackled in a multi-pronged effort at this year’s International Funds Conference from a variety of angles.
Keynote speaker at the International Funds Conference is Andrew J. Bacevich, a Professor of International Relations and History at Boston University. Dr Bacevich will be providing attendees with a vital talk (named the W. S. Walker Memorial Presentation after one of Cayman’s founding members of its financial services industry, the late William Walker who founded Walkers law firm) entitled ‘The Limits of Power – US Imperialism and its effect on international affairs’. This no doubt will be of particular interest to Cayman’s fund practitioners at a time when the threat of legislation emanating from the US and its far reaching consequences are continually on everyone’s minds just now.
Dr. Bacevich is the author of The Limits of Power: American Exceptionalism (2008). He is also an author and editor of a slew of other books and essays primarily based on the US military and its effects on the US as a whole. He is also a graduate of the U. S. Military Academy and received his Ph. D. in American Diplomatic History from Princeton University. Before joining the faculty of Boston University in 1998, he taught at West Point and at Johns Hopkins University.
Panel discussions will also feature heavily at this year’s International Funds Conference, allowing proper discussion and analysis of the current topics affecting Cayman’s funds industry. Professor Andrew P. Morriss, of H. Ross & Helen Workman and Professor of Law and Business and Professor, Institute for Government and Public Affairs, University of Illinois, will join fellow panelists Dr. Richard Rahn and Dan Mitchell, both of the CATO Institute, for an in depth look at the macro picture as it relates to US regulation and legislation.
Another panel debate that takes place later in the morning will no doubt be an extremely interesting discussion that will be relevant not only to the funds industry but the general public as well. Entitled ‘Transparency in the Public Sector – an example to the Private Sector?’ and moderated by Timothy Ridley, the panel will consist of Nicola Williams, the Complaints Commissioner, Jennifer Dilbert, the Information Commissioner and Dan Duguay, the Auditor General. This is one discussion attendees will really not want to miss.
A panel of local experts will also tackle the subject of regulatory developments and how the Cayman Islands regulatory regime should respond and is responding to international regulatory initiatives in an afternoon panel discussion.  Lawrence Edwards of STS Capital will moderate the panel, which consists of Don Seymour from dms Management Ltd, Yolanda McCoy, Head of Investments and Securities at the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority and RJ Berry, Head of Compliance at CIMA.
A final panel discussion wraps up the conference later on in the day, with a team discussing transparency in the private sector, including cross border discovery and litigation issues uncovered and forced disclosure through litigation. The moderator will be Kenneth Krys, from Krys & Associates and panel members will include Burke Files, US Financial Examinations & Evaluations, USA, Marc Mukasey, Bracewell & Giuliani LLP, NYC, Anthony Akiwumi, Stuarts, Cayman Islands and Margot MacInnis, Krys & Assoc., Cayman Islands.