Donation to make a difference

 Taron Jackman, a partner at Deloitte Cayman and a diabetes patient himself made a generous donation to the cause at the World Diabetes Day. Business Editor Lindsey Turnbull reports.

Taron Jackman was diagnosed as a Type 1 diabetic 16 years ago and is a great example of successfully living with the condition, combining a healthy diet, regular exercise, regular checkups and regular blood glucose monitoring along with insulin shots when needed to regulate his condition.
At the World Diabetes Day event held at Camana Bay at the end of November he presented the Cayman Islands Diabetes Association with a personal cheque for US$10,000, earmarking the funds for the purchase of a much needed Haemoglobin A1C machine, which will be donated to the Public Health Department of the Health Services Authority.
“I wanted to do something that would create greater awareness. I want people to know that diabetes is not something to be ashamed of and once managed correctly one can have a successful career and a fulfilled life,” Taron says. “The monitoring and treatment of diabetes does cost money and the funds will be used to purchase a blood monitoring machine that will be donated to the HSA.”
Taron says he was inspired by my friend Don Seymour and his Joanna Clarke award and felt the need to give back to a community that has given so much to everyone.
“Through example I would like to encourage others in the Cayman Islands to contribute to the Cayman Islands Diabetes Association or other organisations that are in need of funding to keep worthy programmes going. I would like to thank the Minister of Health for his support, the Chairman and Staff at the HSA and the Lions Club for their efforts in the prevention and treatment of diabetes. I also want to send a special thank you to Dr. Look Loy for his treatment and advice throughout the years.”
Taron says he is extremely supportive of the Cayman Islands Diabetes Association (of which he is a member) as well as the Diabetic Support Group and urges anyone living with diabetes to become involved with either or both groups.