Ups and downs

Welcome to a brand new column dedicated to cayman’s arts scene.

 Last month an amazing print by Picasso was auctioned on artnet for a mere US$15,000. Produced at the age of eighty-seven, Vieillard Fantasmant is conspicuously erotic in title and inspiration. I concluded that I could never be an artist unless I stop dreaming of saving dinner leftovers in exciting new storage boxes.
Otherwise, what’s been up in our art community? Hélas, fine artist April Bending left our shores for good and went back to Canada.  Although April’s imagination wasn’t quite as exciting as the great master’s, it is always sad to lose a successful and dedicated artist. On a much sadder note, Marianne Hill, the long known and well-loved manager of Kennedy Gallery, has lost her battle to cancer. For some time now the gallery has been run by Jillian Lanier-Smith, the daughter of the gallery’s owner.

One happy event was the birth of a baby son to Sandra Salangana and Joseph Betty. The latter showed a damn good and shocking anti-tobacco piece for two nights at the National Gallery. If this was a warning note for the likes of me and my smelly anti-social ilk, then I took it very seriously. Listen to that Joseph: you’ve made a Frenchie quit!

While Avril Ward has been seeking her inspiration in South Africa for a few weeks, David Bridgeman has been so inspired and busy painting for the architects Evolving Islands that he couldn’t even have lunch with me.  Too bad, I lunched instead with the O’Keefeesque Dora Williams who paints suggestive flowers and who confided that she, too, finds inspiration at night. Regrettably, there were no flowers on our table but I, being not only a prosaic person but now a joyless one without my fags, hope to see many more of these pleasingly evocative pieces.