Help at the planning stage

The Journal has tapped the resources of the business advisors at the Cayman Islands Investment Bureau to find out which websites they turn to for business information which will help entrepreneurs here in Cayman compete among the best.

At the heart of every successful business is a sound business plan that helps to guide the business owners through the lifespan of the business with a blueprint that tracks its financial development. is the home of professional business plan writers and is an incredibly useful website for anyone starting a business. Run by a team of business planners who have worked with the likes of companies such as Tyco, Silva Gas, and XO, the website also caters to small entrepreneurs as well. The flexibility of the service is useful, as the blurb on the site says: “Whether you are buying a franchise, opening a restaurant or store, or looking for multi-millions to launch an empire, MasterPlans has done it before, and can do it for you.” explains the tremendous amount of effort that usually goes into the production of a business plan, stating that the average business plan takes an entrepreneur 400 hours to complete (as stated by the Small Business Association) while the average consultant taking about 40 hours to complete a business plan. The benefits from using this website are that it cuts down the work tremendously. MasterPlans uses what it terms the Team Planning Model, which it says offers the benefit of using the resources of an entire team, with five people working on an individual document, so most projects can be drafted in one week.

Using a team of professionals means a broadening of expertise, as the website says, at best a business plan requires three skill sets: a financial consultant, a strong writer, and an industry experienced researcher and integrator. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to find all these skill sets in one individual. Thus believes the combined teamwork of those on a particular project gets results quickly and efficiently.

Business plans are created at three different levels: at the bank or grant funding stage; using private partnership agreements and thirdly financing by venture capitalists or institutional investors. is the brainchild of its, Founder and CEO, Bryan Howe whose core skills, say the website, are in financial modelling. According to the blurb, he was the first consultant to receive Alight Planning’s Certified Consultant status in the country, and now MasterPlans sells more Alight Planning models than all other independent consultants combined, worldwide. The website offers a full bio on Howe and his entire team, along with photos, which certainly give a sense of identity to the company and therefore a level of trust.

It’s an extremely easy to use, well laid out website which only requires a new user’s name, email and daytime telephone number for a quick quote on their own business plan.

Those interested in receiving their own business plan are encouraged to contact the website for free estimates.