Kids show their talent at The Ritz-Carlton

Cayman Traditional Arts and The Ritz-Carlton recently teamed up to present another in their art exhibitions featuring the excellent work of youngsters who had taken part in various art camps, including the course of the summer camp with Ambassadors Of The Environment, CTA Saturday Art Classes and Easter Camp under the instruction of Chris Christian and Carley Jackson.

The children, whose ages range from five to twelve learnt about art in a variety of styles and techniques and were then able to apply their new skills into a creative expression.

Art classes were taught by the professional artists also featured in this exhibit, Carley Jackson and Chris Christian, along with guest instructors Randy Chollette and Al Ebanks. Nancy Davey, whose work is not featured in this show, was another guest instructor who influenced the children and their creativity. The CTA children’s arts programme has been running for almost six years, teaching children about the fun and importance of art in the Cayman Islands.

Chris Christian, who runs the CTA explains why he is so keen to get young people involved in art: “My parents and sisters were teachers which is what lead me to teaching in the first place. I started teaching my son when he was just a year old. It is something that I have always enjoyed. From teaching my son Andrew, I became popular among the neighborhood kids as well. It has always amazed me to see how little you need to show a child in order for them to create something completely unique. With enough guidance and patience it is fascinating what children can come up with. They are far truer to their creativity than adults are and this really inspires me.”

Chris says that he believes we lose that child-like creative side as we get older. 

“I think that all kids should be exposed to some kind of art, it is a vessel in which they can show their creativity, learn and grow,” he states. “I hope that my teachings can stay with these kids into their adult lives to help them see things in a different way.”

Well-known local artist Randy Chollette was also on hand to instruct the children and says: “When I was a child, I didn’t have anyone to show me how to paint, or to teach me technique, so most of what I learned I prayed for the wisdom to have the knowledge. That is why I feel that it is important for me to provide that service for other children when I have the time. But I have to admit, it is what I learn from them that keeps me actively working with the youth. I love how open they are and I wish more people would take that type of unconditional love into their adult lives.”

Al Ebanks is another successful local artist who delighted in assisting with the CTA art programmes: “For the last six years I have been a supporter of Cayman Traditional Arts and their efforts to preserve Cayman art and culture. I’m very impressed with how far it has come and by how many young artists it has created. I have always enjoyed participating in CTA’s Saturday Classes and Art camps because I feel it is so valuable for our children. It is important as an artist to give back to the community and try to inspire others, especially kids with an interest in art.”

Contact Cayman Traditional Arts at 926 0119 or [email protected] for more info on kids Saturday art classes.



Helena Frawley, age 6: I like the colours in my painting, and I like to paint at home as well