Youngsters catch the photography bug


Featured Shutterbugs of the month

The long, hot summer days brought out a new type of fauna to the usual tranquil islands of Cayman. The sound of clicking filled the air every Monday and Friday as this new breed descended on the scenic sites of George Town: the Shutterbugs had invaded. Business Editor Lindsey Turnbull reports.

 Shutterbugs is the name of a summer camp run by the photography experts at The Camera Store.  The participants were children from 8 to 16 years and the aim was to develop a keen interest and demystify the art of photography.
The Shutterbugs were guided on a tour around George Town, starting at Heroes Square where they were shown some of the historical buildings and told a little about the heroes of Cayman. Next they were off to the Post Office and on to Breezes by the Bay, where the friendly staff allowed the Shutterbugs to get a great view of Hog Sty Bay and the Port.
The youngsters shot some great photos of the parrots and iguanas at Island Plaza. Here they learned that it’s not so easy to photograph animals, even ones that are this tame. After cooling off in the air-conditioning, the Shutterbugs moved on to Elmslie Memorial Church which is another fantastic and iconic building in George Town. The Shutterbugs really enjoyed trying to show off the features of the Church in their photos utilising all the techniques they had been shown.
Finally, they headed back to The Camera Store for a cool drink and a snack.  The Bugs were able to print off their best photos and as a group they critiqued their images to see how they could improve.  Also discussed were composition and the artistry of photography.
Each Shutterbug proudly displayed their favorite photo on the ‘Featured Artist Wall’ at the entrance to the store which is usually reserved for local artists. Members of the public were encouraged to leave comments and praise for our aspiring, young photographers.
The Camera Store, are very proud of all our Shutterbugs and would like to thank each and every one by naming them here:

Sarah Needham
Jade Hernandez
Roberta Testori
Ryan Kirkaldy
Taylor Kirkaldy
Madeleine Aquart
Hayley Leggett
Markus Lake
Ceridwen Farley
Syrena Powell
Danny Link
Larissa Bennett
Tyshanti Scott
Nina Ratcliffe
Karinya Linford
Josh Jackson
Sherol Anglin
Alyssa Gilbert
Chantal Martin
Ashlyn Goubault-Ebanks
Sariah Ford-Myles
Elizabeth Thoppil
Elisabeth Bise
Chantelle Streete
John-Ross Clough
Ashley Ritch
Chantelle Esau
Tasha Locke
Cliodhna Flynn
Holly Coleman
Anja Van Genderen
Charlotte Walton
Victoria Bise
Evan Forth
Julia Forth
Nayil Arana
Connor Woods
Kevin Woods
Madeline Huber
Amber Watson
Helen Blake
Mia Burke