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Christmas Catering made easy

Catering successfully to office functions, birthday parties, beach parties, boating trips, sporting events, and many other events, Subway has always been extremely popular for those who need catering on a small or large scale. The company is therefore well geared up for the oncoming Christmas season with its highly popular fresh, healthy food. 

Subway platters offer a choice of turkey, ham, roast beef, ham & turkey, BMT, spicy Italian, tuna, seafood & crab and veggie delight. Sandwiches are supplied on air tight domed platter trays. Customers can specify what type of bread they prefer – a choice of Subway’s delicious Italian, wheat, honey oat or Italian herbs & cheese, or a mix of all types. Tasty wrap platters are also extremely popular, with the same meat filling choices as listed above.

A small platter will feed ten to 12 people for CI$30.00, while large platters will feed 14 to 16 people for CI$40.00, so tremendously good value-for-money. 

No party will go with a swing without a tasty sweet treat and Subway’s offer the tastiest cookies on the island, with a choice of chocolate chip, oatmeal & raisin and macadamia nut, so you can understand why their cookie platters are a big hit with their customers and are usually supplied assorted. Each platter contains 36 cookies for CI$14.97

Feeling like you want to push the boat out and have some fun? Subway’s six foot and three foot party subs are always a novel treat for any occasion, but especially at a Christmas party. The six foot party sub will feed from 25 to 30 people. Because of its size, it requires a days notice to prepare. The six foot party Sub is CI$66.00 and the three footer is CI$ 33.00.

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