How to budget for a wedding

Like many other people, I suppose, I have been thinking about the economy, and how to do recession-proof planning.  When money is tighter than unusual, you just have to be more creative in its use. Believe it, or not you can make the slow economy work for you because you are much more likely to get deals on everything, from your dress to your reception venue.  Besides, most people love a bargain. For the next couple of months I am going to write about how to save money on your Cayman wedding.

 Step One is setting your budget.  You would be surprised how many couples I see have no idea what they want to spend on their wedding.  Whether you think you want to spend $500 or $50,000, you must set that figure; even it is only an approximate figure.  You can always go down or up.
Step Two is to decide what is most important to you, i.e. the big ticket items.  If you only want to spend $5000 on your wedding, but you top priority is to invite all your friends and have an open bar until the small hours of the morning, then you know right away that you can’t afford a $3000 wedding dress, and wedding florals with hundreds of rose buds all over the church or wedding location.
Step Three is to think of three possible locations, and three possible dates for your wedding.  The further in advance you can do this, the better, but really you need to do it at least six months in advance.  Then you have a better chance at achieving your first choice location on your first choice dates.
I can’t stress how important it is to secure your Marriage Officer before you even think about things like invitations.  Do this as soon as you have secured your date and wedding location.  If you are using a church and a Minister of Religion then you can do these two things at the same time.  Remember most residents get married on Saturday, and many Marriage Officers here do not perform Sunday weddings. I get people all the time wanting to book a wedding, and when I tell them I’m already booked they say , “…but I’ve already sent out the invitations!”
“Save the Date” cards have become increasingly popular, the busier we get.  Today there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t design your own Save the Date card, and send them out by email.  These can also serve as a “wedding announcement” for some of the family and friends who might not know that you are getting married. There will be those on your potential invitation list that don’t use email, in that case print off the “Save the Date” card on nice paper and take it around to their house.
Your “Save the Date” should reflect something you like to do as a couple.  So if you like the beach, and you don’t feel comfortable using your own picture in a swim suit, go to “Clip-Art” and find some nice beachy photos or even caricatures.  Here are two links for free, special fonts you can down-load and use to create your original Save the Date cards, and

Next Month: Finding the All-Important Dress without spending a fortune.

Until next time,