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Poetry by Ras Jahmal

Grandma’s Love

Even if it was by choice
Her performance was washed sunshine
Dipped in honey
Topped with ripe mongo slices
Knot to be undone
Just for Fun
The song she sang
Tasted like
Warm cinnamon raison bun
That’s Grandma’s Love

Value of Life

What’s it worth to you
This life
Fighting for rights to be, to do
This life
What’s it worth to you
Watching your goals and dreams
Elude their expectations
Succumbing to popular social norms
Unnatural application of the natural
Guile saturated
Humanity speedily deteriorating
Smile laugh and love
Give thanks
The value
This life

Blind Spots

You choose to use
What I do in my life
To highlight in bright spotlights
Splinters of error thought behavior
Seemingly for spite
Blow it up and fly it like a kite
Huff and puff with all your might
Deep within yourself
Weeping day and night
Using me to see
Blind spots
No spoon to stir my pots
Pin holes drips and drops
Wasting not tasting
Natural flavoring
Artificial labeling
You condemn me
But who in the world are you saving



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