Around the world: Holiday habits tracked

An interactive map on Twitter has recently been launched by Vodafone UK tracking travelers in the UK by capturing detail through constant updates on Tweeters’ trips, producing an interactive map that displays all the information.

Important travel-related info can be found by Tweeters, including the top ten holiday destinations and live holiday reviews. It is anticipated that holiday-makers will use the map to plan their holidays. They can tweet their age, sex, first half of the UK postcode, destination and information on the destination to twitter after #ukhols to put their quick review on the map.

Family holidays, romantic weekend breaks, girls or lads weekends away can all be recorded, thus the latest holiday trends can be mapped, giving tweeters a snapshot look at the hottest places to holiday this summer.The launch comes as part of Vodafone’s Passport promotion, which charges customer the same to call, text and date back to the UK from over 35 countries for the same cost as if they were in the UK.