A Day in the Life II: Artists thrive in new exhibition

Three local artists – Nickola McCoy, David Bridgeman and Kaitlyn Elphinstone – were given the space to work within the walls of the National Gallery as part of a residency programme, permitting them the luxury of creating within the environment that they would eventually be exhibiting. There two week long assignment, during which time the public were able to watch their work take shape, culminated in a spectacular exhibition opening last month.

Each created highly original work that showcased their inimitable talents – Nickola’s bold and sometimes fiery acrylics, David’s passion for nature highlighted through his creative installation art and Kaitlyn’s expression of her incredible appreciation for nature and man’s attempts to shape it. Read all about their progress and ultimate exhibition in next month’s Journal.

The exhibition runs until 17 July 2009 and is held at the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands, Harbour Place, George Town.




Kaitlyn Elphinstone