Scotch whisky fit for a King

Famed for its leading edge whiskey brands, Johnnie Walker chose Cayman as the location to unveil its latest offering, their ultra deluxe Blue Label King George V Edition, to a select gathering at Blue by Eric Ripert at The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman. Business Editor, Lindsey Turnbull reports.

ohnnie Walker’s Blue Label King George V Edition is so named because it celebrates the first Royal Warrant granted to John Walker and Sons Ltd to supply Scotch whisky to the British Royal household in 1934, a recognition of the quality and appeal of its whisky.

Known as the crown jewel of the Johnnie Walker family of whiskies, the Blue Label King George V Edition is one of the most distinctive blends ever created in the past century, and is handcrafted using the original techniques practiced during the reign of King George V.

Masterblenders at Johnnie Walker delved back into their historic collection of fine whiskies that date back to the early 20th Century, a stock of whiskies that has been carefully maintained for generations. Some of the rarest whiskies – many from distilleries that no longer exist – have gone into the creation of this extraordinary blend of Johnnie Walker Blue Label King George V Edition. Indeed, the brand is so rare that it is only available on a strict allocation basis, although Masterblender Tom Smith who attended the launch at Blue said that stocks would see them “well into the next decade”.

Tom described the qualities each whisky brings to this special blend: “The Blue label Kind George V Edition is comprised of the delicate balance of the peatiness, smoke and power of West Coast whiskies combined with the lighter fruit and aromatic qualities from Speyside whiskies and European oak casks. Thus Johnnie Walker Blue Label King George V Edition captures a fine balance of whiskies from distilleries located right across Scotland – from the Mountains, the Valleys and the Great Glen.”

The blend also includes the highly prized Port Ellen Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky. The distillery no longer exists and the remaining stock is carefully preserved and has steadily appreciated in value due to its scarcity.

Tom explains, “The Port Ellen element adds a profound smokiness and peatiness to the blend, creating a clear distinction between it and Johnnie Walker Blue Label, which uses Caol IIa.”

Jacques Scott hosted the dinner at Blue and the company’s Marketing Director, Barnaby Richardson says, “Johnnie Walker Blue Label King George V is particularly suited to Cayman where our diverse population enjoys some of the highest quality whisky. Gift-giving is also an important aspect of social and business relationships. Gifts connote respect for the recipient, but also reflect the level of status of the giver. Luxury items such as the Johnnie Walker Blue Label King George V are thus particularly well suited for gifting as well as personal indulgence.”

Johnnie Walker Blue Label King George V Edition is presented in an exclusive crystal decanter. The bottle of whisky is placed in a special silk-lined presentation box where it sits on a removable display holder, specially designed so consumers can display the bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label King George V Edition. Each edition also comes with a certificate of authenticity which is individually numbered.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label King George V edition retails for around CI$400. It is available at all Jacques Scott locations.

The menu

Blue chefs created a stunning menu against which the Johnnie Walker Blue Label King George V Edition could star. Diners enjoyed a Blue favourite as an appetiser, layers of thinly pounded tuna, foie gras on a toasted baguette. This was followed by a Peruvian ‘causa’ of shrimp, delicately flavoured with a potato foam. Roasted mahi-mahi on bok choy with a red pepper chutney and a shrimp-ginger emulsion gave an unexpected Asian twist to the menu. Mains was a delicious sliced Muscovy duck breast with cabbage bacon and a thyme duck jus, while diners positively salivated over the prospect of dessert – a white chocolate caramelised mousse with an almond orange crumble and date puree.



Governor Stuart Jack, Mrs Mariko Jack, Tom Smith and Barnaby Richardson