Rebranding to promote global offering

Having started out as a full service construction, development and property consultancy firm to clients within the Cayman Islands, the BCQS Group’s march across the region has meant a change of focus when it comes to its marketing. The Journal reports.

Established in 1969, BCQS Limited has grown over the years to encompass a broad range of services, including project management, construction management, quantity surveying, cost management, appraisals and feasibility studies, loan monitoring and claims consulting.

The firm is currently led by Managing Director Liam Day, who with his team, has developed the service offering to a much broader audience, with the company presently operating in 20 Caribbean locations and independent offices now located not only in Cayman, but also the Turks and Caicos Islands, British Virgin Islands, Barbados and most recently, St Lucia.

Day confirms, “Market development in each of the jurisdictions we are located has always been the driver for our expansion. Turks and Caicos and the BVI have grown tremendously over the last few years and Barbados has always been a business centre for the larger banks, including the Caribbean Development Bank, and other regional corporations. As such, it made sense to have fulltime operations located in each of these jurisdictions. The St Lucia office happened by extension of the Barbados office, when we quickly realised we needed a dedicated presence in that location as well.”

Day says BCQS has placed a good deal of importance on ensuring that they have a physical presence in the countries in which they are conducting business, to ensure that they can provide an all-round comprehensive service to their clients.

In order to properly represent the growing regional nature of the Cayman-based firm, Day says a rebrand was necessary for the BCQS label.

“Our new globe symbol is a great metaphor for our wide-ranging service offering,” he confirms. “And our new title: BCQS International says it all.”

Even in these tough economic times Day says he is sure that the confidence levels in the Caribbean development sector will rise after a brief leveling off period. And when that happens, he says his firm will be continuing to look to new markets to ensure that the company does not stand still.

“I believe there are still some great opportunities out there, particularly where new projects are at the early planning stages and are just about to take off, as the price of raw materials has fallen significantly in recent months. You just need to stay ahead of the curve. We have done that by retaining a team of experienced and qualified personnel to provide the highest standard of service, wherever we operate,” he concludes. 


Liam Day: Market development in each of the jurisdictions we are located has always been the driver for our expansion