Iron shot from long grass:

When you find your ball sitting down in long grass, the shot out is a little different than what you might use on the fairway. Your setup will require a few adjustments that will help to hit the ball out and nearer the green.

Play the ball back in your stance, closer to the right foot if you play right handed. Then, place your hands well in front of the ball. Both of these adjustments will create a more descending swing into the ball, thus reducing the amount of grass that comes between the club head and ball. If the ball lies deep in the grass, take an extra club (use a 5 iron instead of the 6 iron, for example).

Stay centered and keep your head extremely still throughout, as you would with any shot. This will help make as solid a contact with the ball as you can under the circumstances. Allow your body to turn and pivot rather than sway or lunge.

Finally, aim to get the ball back in play. You will not want to hit another shot from the rough again, so do your best to get the ball back on the fairway or on to the green.