Diverse collection at emotive exhibition

Happiness is the title of The Morgan Gallery’s latest art exhibition. Business Editor Lindsey Turnbull attended the opening to enjoy a dose of that feel-good factor and reports.

Christel Ibsen
A former film-maker based in Paris, Christel Ibsen lost her hearing around ten years ago, but she says the loss of one sense only helped to heighten her other senses, helping to form her artistic abilities into the formidable talent that she has today. Christel has been a regular visitor to the Cayman Islands for the past twelve years, renting an apartment on the ocean when she visits.

Exhibiting at The Morgan Gallery for the Happiness show, Christel says she is a self-taught artist who began painting portraits of her girlfriends and realised that she had an ability which she decided to progress further. This latest exhibition gave Christel the opportunity to explore the things in life that really made her feel good, so she has filled her space with wonderful ocean scenes, full of movement and energy with crashing surf and ocean spray (you can almost smell that salty sea air) as well as imaginative flower and garden scenes filled with blooms and blossoms of a summer’s day.

Christel says her art brings her much happiness: “I am humbled every day that I have been given another outlet for my creativity,” she confirms.
When creating her wave scenes, Christel says she is transcribing her own thought process in a visual way, saying, “I almost don’t know what I’m doing; it’s a process of transcribing my thoughts on canvas.”

Joseph Betty
As a well known local artist, Joseph Betty has been creating imaginative colourful pieces for many years. He says it is difficult to precisely define the concept of what happiness is, but he knows he is happy with a piece of art when it gives him “the tingles”.

He says to prepare for the exhibition he took time to contemplate what really made him happy.

He confirms, “I stood and looked at the canvas and thought of the image of home and family and knew that I had to paint them.”

He talks of his Beautiful Witch painting (an ode to his wife) which he says, “is a piece that I happily submit to. She casts a spell on me, but not in a forceful way.”

The First Born is another image of beauty that Joseph wanted to depict in his Happiness collection. He says, “I wanted to embrace something as fragile as a new born child because it brings so much joy. This is an observation on how we reach happiness.”

Read more on this exhibition next month.



Christel Ibsen