Luxe plans VIP scheme

In honour of its 10th anniversary, Luxe Worldwide Hotels will soon launch a VIP Recognition Programme, it was recently announced by Efrem Harkham, Founder and CEO. To be rolled out in three phases in 2009, the VIP Recognition Program will first be beta-tested at the two Luxe properties in California: The Luxe Hotel Sunset Boulevard in Bel Air and the Luxe Hotel Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills in early 2009. By the second quarter of 2009, the programme will continue to expand to a greater number of Luxe hotels.According to Mr. Harkham, the programme has been designed to encourage and reward guests who return to a specific hotel; to encourage and reward guests to use Luxe Worldwide Hotels, to help Luxe hotel members compete better in the marketplace, and to allow each member hotel to individualise guest benefits.While the specifics of the program are still being refined, it is expected that the Luxe VIP Recognition Programme will involve a “VIP Recognition Card” to be distributed to frequent guests of participating Luxe hotels. Those guests who receive a VIP Recognition Card will be rewarded with early check-in and late check-out (based on availability), room upgrades (based on availability at time of check-in), a special gift amenity or discount of the hotel’s choice, exclusive promotions available only to VIP Recognition Programme members, access to the Luxe VIP Internet and Phone Concierge who will be available to assist programme members with reservation requests, as well as other member benefits which are still in the planning stages.