A Day in the Life of …Mobile Fitness Solutions’ Jeanna Parsons

The Journal continues its series appreciating the ins and outs of specific careers.

What made you choose your career?
I chose to become a certified personal trainer as a result of a 21 pound weight loss. I was overweight. I was unhappy with how I looked and decided to hire a personal trainer. I lost the weight and decided I wanted to help other people help achieve their fitness goals.

What kind of training or qualifications do you need for this job?
With the experience I had gained through the training, I decided I wanted to get certified. I got certified through the International Sports Conditioning Association, an internationally recognised certification in the US.

Guide us through your typical day.
As a certified personal trainer, my day personally starts very early, usually around 5 or 5:30 am. Depending on the day of the week, I start with clients as early as 6 am. However my business day typically starts around 8:30 am. After a healthy breakfast and cup of coffee it’s getting my kids to school. After that, I see clients all through the morning. I cut off around noon and block off a few hours for lunch, business errands, consultations and getting my two kids from school. After a healthy snack for the kids and homework time, it is back to work with clients until 5:30 pm. On occasion I do work until 6:30pm.

Depending on the day again, I work in a daily training time. Sometimes I do my training in the morning. Otherwise on busier mornings I work them in the evening. Some days I train in smaller workouts all throughout the day. I am very active every single day.

Who do you interact with on a daily basis?
Throughout the day I am in and out of many businesses throughout the day. My usual stops include one of the local grocery stores for a healthy lunch and a daily stop at Mr. Willie’s on Red Bay Road for my favourite fruit smoothie.

What personality traits make a good personal trainer?
People stop me all the time and ask me if I am the “trainer lady”. Talking to people all day is part of my job and I love it talking to people especially about what I do. As a certified personal trainer you must possess good people skills. You also should have good organisational skills.

Do you gain job satisfaction from your work?
I gain a great deal of satisfaction from I do. The majority of clients I have desire to lose weight. I have had so much success with the programmes that I have developed. It is extremely rewarding to know that I help improve the quality of people’s lives; it really doesn’t get any better than that.



Jeanna Parsons: I’m very active every single day