Saturday, February 23, 2019

Aces back at The Ritz-Carlton

World class masters tennis players are back next month. Tennis fans get their annual treat when the Legends Championships resume at Cayman’s Ritz-Carlton soon. Past...

Real estate industry dormant to dead

Cayman is in a major recession!  Our residential and resort real estate markets are languishing – and it is extreme.  Just take a look at these statistics to get a blunt, clear picture of how our current 2010 sales compare to previous years:

Olympic intention for Pirates 5k

Having made a huge success of the annual Flowers Mile Sea Swim, Frank and Dara are focusing on another open water event to help Cayman’s economy and also make it an Olympic event. Ron Shillingford reports.

US demographics that impact Cayman

It is hard to remember a worst time for the real estate industry in the Cayman Islands. We have seen some tough recessions over the...

Children need to get active

 Along with St. Lucian kids, Cayman has the most slothful kids on the planet, a health survey published in April claims.

Flowers event is blooming

 Cayman’s open water swimmers are primed for the biggest sports event on the calendar.

Enjoy the Sea Breeze on SMB

2010 has been a year where several new Seven Mile Beach developments have completed construction. New condominium complexes like Beachcomber, Renaissance...

Porsche motor sport news from the world

Successful dress rehearsalIn preparation for the race this month, Porsche produced a perfect outcome at the season-opener of the Long Distance Championship Nuerburgring, used...

Flowers swim splashes the cash

Swimming in the Cayman Islands is the most successful and popular sport and that is evident by the size of the annual Flowers Sea Swim. In fact, it has become so popular that it is now restricted to 800 entrants. Ron Shillingford reports.

Sports tourism can help fill the void

Sports tourism is worth $22 trillion globally and the Cayman Islands have certainly started the year intent on grabbing a slice of that lucrative income. Ron Shillingford reports.

The impact of the Games

Swimming in the Cayman Islands is the most successful and popular sport and that is evident by the size of the annual Flowers Sea...

Helping youngsters stay on the right path

A deep-seated passion for helping develop Cayman’s youth has been recognised and congratulated as Acting Sports Director Collin Anglin was named the Young Cayman Leadership Awards recipient for 2010

Runners finding their footing again

During a recession historically health and fitness interest increases. That has certainly happened in the Cayman Islands, writes Ron Shillingford.

New gym has knock out potential

Boxing in Cayman is set to soar mainly because the new state-of-the-art gym is becoming a magnet to aspiring champions. Ron Shillingford reports.

Stepping up a gear

Look for 2010 to be a year of major announcements and breakthroughs for the Cayman Islands.  This will position us for improved market conditions...

Flowers swim can bloom even more

Sports tourism is constantly in the news as a source of untapped revenue in the world recession. The annual Flowers Sea Swim attracts the largest number of visitors to these shores of all the sports events. Journal journalist Ron Shillingford looks at how sea swims could increase tourism dollars.

Camana Bay will be totally squashed out

Cayman's squash profile has risen spectacularly on the international circuit recently and with its next major event approaching, at Camana Bayin a couple of months, that burgeoning reputation will go up a couple more notches, writes Journal journalist Ron Shillingford

The outlook is quite promising

The last 18 months of this decade will go into the record books as one of the most tumultuous times, ever – not only for real estate sales, but financial markets and business overall.  It is a fitting end to a difficult decade, which has challenged most of us in the Cayman Islands, starting from the year 2000.

Sprinting to host Carifta Games

Cayman’s track and field athletes are a hard working bunch; their haul of international medals over the years has proven that. They generally get a medal or two at the annual Carifta Championships, which is always held over the Easter break

Get set for record breaking sales

Despite the economy in the last few years, some of the new Multiple Listing Service listings for homes and condominiums have been coming onto the market at progressively higher prices.

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