Saturday, February 23, 2019

Work permits have no negative impact on Caymanian employment

Data show the number of work permits does not impact Caymanian unemployment. An analysis of more than 10 years of data shows the nature of employment in Cayman has changed significantly since Hurricane Ivan.

Variables – and vagaries – of personal finance

Analysts and experts explore the pros and cons of various investment strategies and the state of the economy and the marketplace that influence those strategies.

The immigration debate moves on

Cayman may be done with the 'rollover' debate, but other major changes are on the way for work permits.

Sporting stars exhibit shines at National Museum

A new exhibition at the Cayman Islands National Museum features a display that charts the historical rise of sports in Caymanian society during the 20th and 21st centuries and introduces some of Cayman’s most talented current day sporting stars.

Roughing it: Gravel roads catch on with cyclists

EUGENE, Oregon — Donnie Kolb has been organizing gravel bicycle rides for the past five years. 


Slow recovery in real estate

The local economy and real estate market is improving, however, it is still happening at a slow pace in terms of genuine activity.

Cayman Immigration policy: Impacts on financial sector

The Cayman Islands is at a crossroads.

Stop the extreme solutions

Right now immigration is a particularly difficult issue. Employment issues are always exacerbated when the economy is slow.

The new immigration reality

A far-reaching immigration reform plan will let some work permit holders stay in Cayman for longer, but will allow fewer to obtain permanent resident status.

Big changes on the ımmigratıon front

Cayman looks for a major shift in its immigration policies, going away from 40 years of appointed boards controlling the system.

First impact on real estate prices

Some very select properties and locations are seeing stronger interest and activity.

Cayman will change

Over the next five to ten years, the Cayman Islands will change a great deal, due to development of major infrastructure and the arrival of new residents.

Sports tourism Champions headed for Cayman

Sports tourism is flourishing in the Cayman Islands to the extent that as one major event is staged another one comes along faster than a West Indies bouncer.

Foreign workers, domestic problems

Expatriates may be the foci of debate on immigration, but the topic concerns everyone in Cayman.

Cayman climber takes on the seven summits

Campbells partner Guy Manning is four mountains into his challenge to climb the highest mountains on each of the seven continents.

2012 was flat, but 2013 will be the tipping point

While 2013 may not be a stellar year, it will most likely be the starting year of several years of improvement.

Facing reality – 2013 will be a critical year

All the optimism in the world cannot change reality. And the reality is that the real estate market has been bad, is still bad, and currently not improving. The statistics tell the story. Period.

Hitting into the wind: Golf in Cayman

Usually when talking about sports tourism in Cayman, much emphasis is placed on hosting major events, such as June’s Flowers Sea Swim or the upcoming World Open for women’s squash in December, but golf deserves a place at the table.

The tallest building in Cayman

The WaterColours residences, on Seven Mile Beach, is now officially the tallest building in the Cayman Islands, as the eighth floor slab has just been poured.

Camana Bay’s games changer

Caymanian Jeffrey Wight gave up a good job in the civil service for the challenging position in the private sector managing the sports and recreation facilities at Camana Bay.
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