Friday, September 30, 2016


Legally Speaking: The Confidential Information Disclosure Law is in force

The Confidential Information Disclosure Law, 2016 was gazetted on July 22 and is in effect. The law has been under consultation in the Cayman Islands for a number of years and has been enacted to dispel the misconception that the Cayman Islands is a secrecy jurisdiction.

Residency vs. domicile for UK citizens: What’s the difference?

Many people confuse tax residence and domicile. In particular, it is common for individuals to assume that because they have ceased to be tax resident in the U.K., it must follow that they have also ceased to be U.K. domiciled. But is this necessarily the case? In short, the answer is definitely no.

Health City surgeries save impoverished children

Since December 2014, private planes have been shuttling patients back and forth between Cayman and Haiti for surgeries funded partly by donations to Have a Heart and partly by what amounts to nonprofit work for Health City Cayman Islands.

Emigration and immigration

During the height of the Cold War, the Berlin Wall was built to keep the citizens of East Germany from leaving. We cheered as it and similar barriers to emigration from the Soviet to the Free World fell in 1989. But the right to leave awkwardly confronts the right of countries to choose who may or may not enter. The right to leave has little meaning if you have no place to go.

CIMA, industry work to firm up computer networks

More than a dozen people from government, the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority and private companies gathered for a weeklong cybersecurity boot camp last month hosted by Cayman’s eShore.

Protecting people, systems and data

The corporate disaster recovery team at management consultant and financial adviser Deloitte & Touche are proud of what they have created, locked away inside Cayman’s humble five-story, hurricane-proof Citrus Grove office block.

Data protection, recovery critical to Chamber members

The “TechTarget” website is adamant about the five components of disaster recovery and business continuity – and the last ranks among the most critical: “The care and feeding of your plan.”

Protection, recovery at Camana Bay’s Data Centre

The roster of clients is modest, but Dart’s Disaster Recovery and Data Centre is immense, sophisticated and considers itself among the region’s leading data-protection facilities.

Population, economy grow; voter increase expected

The Cayman Islands resident population was estimated at more than 60,000 people during 2015, the highest number the British Overseas Territory has reported and the first time population totals for the tiny, three-island chain have officially exceeded 60,000.

Cayman’s financial services industry had ‘mixed performance’ in 2015

In its final economic report for 2015, released last month, the Cayman Islands Economics and Statistics Office cited “mixed results” over the year for the islands’ financial services industry.


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