Monday, August 29, 2016


Tracking storms, saving lives

For the better part of a century, a beneficial alliance has linked the U.S. scientific enterprises that track and study tropical storms and extreme weather and the Caribbean nations that suffer most from their wind and flooding.

Business valuations: measuring the local economy

Among the highest-end business-to-business enterprises may be the valuations that determine the worth of businesses and “going-concern” properties such as hotels, spas, golf courses, marinas, restaurants and bars.

Uploading B2B success and growing an economy

In some respects, web design and IT expert Netclues presents a conundrum: With offices in Canada, India and Malaysia, the sliver of Caribbean real estate that is the Cayman Islands seems an incongruous location.

B2B keeps the world running

They work in the evenings and often overnight; they clean kitchen floors, walls and equipment, enabling safe food preparation; they scrub the toilets and replenish soap and paper products, ensuring a hygienic environment.

Camana Bay building boom just beginning

Despite uncertainly in the global economy, Camana Bay will see a dizzying amount of construction activity over the next several years.

Easing of US-Cuba relations could hit Caribbean tourism

Since the U.S. started loosening Cuba travel restrictions in January 2015, the opening up of Cuba to U.S. tourists spelled potentially bad news for other vacation destinations in the Caribbean.

Investment: Making the most of a digitized world

Financial markets have historically been a dynamic platform for retail investors to acquire, grow and protect wealth. By investing in publicly traded securities, investors are given access to ownership in world-renowned companies. So how do you navigate the maze of data to find well-run, innovative companies that warrant your investment dollars and which have the potential to provide positive returns over the long term?

Free cash flow: Formula for investment success

Buying shares with the help of cash flow as a selection criterion has delivered convincing results in the past. This trend is likely to continue in an environment of low growth – and low interest-rates.

After the UK referendum: The impact of Brexit on non-European hedge funds

With the Brexit referendum decided and David Cameron’s resignation announced, we look at the key impact of the referendum decision on the non-European fund industry.

Legal ruling could impact strata developments

Several developers, including Chamber of Commerce President Paul Pearson, say a change in the law to regulate how and when they hand over control of strata developments to owners is unnecessary and would hamper their ability to build and sell.


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