Friday, July 21, 2017


Cybersecurity 101: 2017 edition

You would have to be stuck on an island with no internet connection to not be aware of cybersecurity issues in the news. But just in case, here is a recap of what is noteworthy: In May, the WannaCry ransomware infected an estimated 230,000 systems in more than 150 countries. Technology vendors reacted with patches, updates and other mechanisms to detect and prevent further spread of the threat.

Ransomware wars

It begins much like any other day at the office: you are working away on your computer when you receive an email informing you that an invoice has arrived. It directs you to download the invoice using the link provided. Without giving it much thought, you download and open the file.

EY Survey: FinTech services poised for global mainstream adoption

The adoption of financial technology by consumers has surged globally in the past 18 months and is on the verge of becoming mainstream, the results of the latest EY FinTech Adoption Index show. On average, a third of digitally active consumers in 20 markets covered by the study are now using FinTech.

FATCA and the feedback loop

In the United States, domestic financial institutions provide financial statements to the account holder and to the U.S. tax authorities: The Internal Revenue Service. This allows the IRS to ensure that all income is fully disclosed. For offshore accounts, historically foreign financial institutions (FFI) have only provided information about financial accounts to the individual.

The FANG stocks are back

If the word “FANG” brings images of Dracula to mind, you’re not alone. Nevertheless, in the world of investments the acronym FANG represents four tech giants: Facebook, Apple, Netflix and Google (now Alphabet). The term has regained popularity this year along with its younger companion FAAMG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Google). The reason for its resurgence is directly related to this year’s U.S. equity market performance.

National Gallery tackles the business of art

To secure footing in the world of museums, galleries and art shows, modern artists must not only create, but also work as their own marketers, promoters and event planners.

Five supertrends suitable as long-term investment themes

Stock investors have a choice: One, they can make their investment decisions based on influencing factors. The second option is to focus on more important long-term issues and trends where there is a higher level of predictability.

Island jurisdictions grapple with push for beneficial ownership registry

As the Cayman Islands works to establish a beneficial ownership registry that will be accessible to law enforcement, another island nation continues to wrestle with international pressure on the subject.

Martitime forum sets contrasting visions of cruise, cargo sectors

As the shipping industry braces for an uncertain trade environment, Cayman Islands Port Authority Director Clement Reid has a positive outlook for the cruise sector.

Scholars, entrepreneurs, athletes and the young learn to give – and give back

Applications for the 2017-2018 school year closed only last week for the National Council of Voluntary Organisations’ new $20,000 university scholarship, marking the newest “giving back” community effort by the venerable Cayman charity.


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